Services We Offer

Bot Engineering is a full turn key service provider for services related to new and legacy replacement product adaptation to the end users specific needs. Over our 40 years in business we have developed hundreds of off the shelf reference designs that are proven and reliable. The services we offer routinely adapt these designs to customers specific requirements, be that for drop in replacement of old obsolete equipment or new to be installed systems. We also do new clean sheet designs for specific applications.

The services provided cover a wide range of initial simulation, customization, testing and certification of our intellectual property derivative products so that we can offer a one stop shop for customer requirements. Most importantly, we provide a complete package that we stand behind with life long support.

Bot Engineering facilities also include high speed production lines for electronic assembly. This aspect of our company allows us to quickly adapt our off the shelf designs to customized high volume production quickly and effectively with this capability comes quality control and unprecedented component level traceability with positive recall capability. This high level traceability is mandatory for both critical and non critical applications due to the high prevalence of ever increasingly sophisticated counterfeit components that have permeated the market. These new counterfeiting techniques and may not be detectable even after elaborate and detailed inspection and only become evident with unexpected in field failure. The ability to both identify the supplier and end use deployment is a capability that we have had in place for many years and is facilitated by our in house developed tracking systems.

This tracking system provides unprecedented component and assembly process monitoring and records on a component by component and process by process basis. With this capability which is a requirement for critical and safety related systems and with our state of the art , high speed manufacturing equipment, we also provide customized design refinement and manufacturing services for special customers requiring high levels of traceability, quality control and/or special security requirements.

If you have a problem that needs to be solved, even the most difficult or obscure let us know how we can help. Our off the shelf reference designs range from simple electromechanical designs to highly complex distributed computer and satellite network systems. Big or small, we can provide you with an analysis as to what possible solutions we can provide, the recommended testing and certification steps as well as long term support option feasible. If we can’t supply a solution, we will let you know who might be able to help you.