Our Products

For Over 40 years Bot Engineering has been providing both commercial and special purpose products to global customers. These products range from limited run electronic assemblies to drop in replacements for upgrading legacy system to cutting edge instrumentation.

All of our systems and equipment are designed and built by using our in house development, manufacturing and testing infrastructure. With this in house capability, our equipment can be tailored to provide maximum performance, utility and longevity in support of customers that require long term solution that must work, not and well into the future.

We recognize the challenges faced by our customers that operate facilities and equipment where lifetimes are expressed in decades rather than years. Our product designs and long term support of those products accommodate this reality with lifelong support being provided for even our earliest products. In fact, we not only support our early products, in many cases we still manufacture and sell these products as standard off the shelf equipment since many customers find that these products which were designed in the 1980's still operate better and have better features than even the newest products offering from different companies.

While we manufacture sophisticated best in class products that use some of the most advanced technology and software, we also manufacture more modest drop in replacement equipment and systems that have been developed to replace obsolete systems and components built by other companies. These drop in replacements are specifically designed and customized to provide the end user with a true drop in placement that can be used without modifications to operating and calibration procedures. While these products may look old, they still incorporate our most advanced designs and components to improve the reliability and extend the life of the product.

If you have a tough problem that can't seem to be solved by suppliers of standard products or if you have a situation where spares are no longer available for your critical systems Give us a call to see if we can help. If your solution is not solvable using our large existing intellectual property base we can likely direct you to someplace that can help you.

This website contains listing of our standard product lines, If you require something more complex or for special applications which are not commercial in nature, rest assured, that we have also done this type of projects in the past and will continue to do so as the needs arise.