About Us

Our History

For over 40 years, Bot Engineering has been providing innovative, reliable and cost-effective solutions for mission critical industries including Nuclear, Petrochemical, transportation, security and military. Our in-house expertise and capabilities rival those found in many national laboratories and include a wide range of applied sciences. This broad scope and ability are reflected in the technologically diverse range of products and solutions produced by us. Our past history shows a clear record of highly successful and well-regarded deployments of systems and equipment which encompass a wide technological spectrum ranging from IT, Space and terrestrial wireless communications as well as Nuclear, Electrical, Computer and Chemical sciences.

All of our systems and equipment are designed and built by us and are tailored to provide maximum performance and utility based on a detailed user analysis of past, current and anticipated operating modalities. Since our customers operate with facility and equipment lifetimes expressed in decades rather than years, our products are specifically designed for long life cycle performance, reliability, cost and maintainability. We understand the complexities and cost associated with obsolescence and take this into consideration in the equipment design by incorporating long life availability components as well as system features that allow expansion of the original scope with minimal cost and training requirements. To demonstrate this fact, we routinely supply products designed in the 1980’s that are by all accounts still superior in performance, reliability, ease of use and versatility to newly designed equipment from other vendors. This same equipment, even today is used for new and ever-changing applications in both upgrade and new installations.

  • -Worlds first closed loop stabilized optical pulser for scintillator energy stabilization
  • -Worlds first ultra wide range beta meter for worker protection
  • -Worlds first general purpose portable radiation meter with interchangeable smart probes
  • -Worlds first system for stand off detection of nuclear reactor spent fuel discharge and movement
  • -Worlds first air proportional tritium survey meter
  • -Worlds first software configurable multi detector nuclear safeguards system
  • -Worlds first remote monitored nuclear safeguard system
  • -Worlds first networkable integrated detector assemblies for local and remote integration
  • -Worlds first miniature universal electronic module for nuclear and optical detector support
  • -Worlds first DSP based Ion chamber for sub Femto amp measurements
  • -Worlds first commercial, miniature mobile satellite transceiver and portable land earth station for covert and mobile monitoring applications.
  • -Worlds first satellite based wide area radiation detection system

Long Term Commitment

Our commitment to long term support and availability, flexibility in performance, cost effective design, reliability and adaptability to allow expansion of original operational scope provides customers with significant cost savings in terms of overall life cycle cost this is particularly true when training and spares costs are included. We also understand that as facilities age, companies come and go but the installed product remains in use. This poses special problems for facility operators in that spares inventory can no longer be replenished with the result that failed equipment cannot be quickly repaired in some cases the need for spares is urgent in order to avoid facility operational impairment. To address this common problem, we have introduced a growing line of Legacy series equipment. This equipment is designed using the best new technologies available but appears and operates identically to the original equipment that it is meant to replace. This drop in replacement capability simplifies replacement and spares inventory often with minimal to no training, minimal documentation and no site engineering changes are required. The replacement equipments no only performs to the original specifications, it is also qualified to any new standards which have evolved since the originals where initially purchased. If you have legacy equipment that needs replacements, please consider us as a potential supplier of drop in form, fit and function replacements before starting a engineering change to your operations or facility.

A Vertically Integrated Company

Bot Engineering is also a vertically integrated company and this allows to us supply the best in class equipment with the reliability needed by our customers. In order to meet our stringent equipment performance goals we manufacture all critical components ourselves, making items ranging from simple mechanical assemblies such as pumps and nozzles to complex multi-processor electronics to nuclear devices. Our wholly owned and operated production facilities are set up to accommodate this diversity and includes machine shops, high speed PCB assembly lines, design, assembly and test facilities. Simply stated, we are not bound by the limits of commercially available equipment or components, we simply design and build what is needed ourselves if other options are unacceptable. We have - and continue - to be able to provide what is needed to meet even the most demanding specifications either as a standard product, customized standard product or new design.

Our Strategic Approach to Design

With many companies, the concept of new design is often associated with high risk. This is clearly understood and in many cases has been proven to be true but at Bot Engineering, we understand that at times, new and custom designs are mandatory for a variety of reasons. To address this potential risk, we have taken a strategic approach to the problem where our diverse product and technology base can be quickly assimilated to produce a new system or product from our existing reference designs through standardization of interfaces, mechanics, software and environmental specifications. This approach has allowed us to quickly supply entirely new products ranging from simple stand alone items to large multi million dollar systems.

Our in house design team and support infrastructure allows the rapid creation of new solutions to tough and urgent problems faced by customers in an increasingly complex operational and regulatory environment. With our in house vertically integrated capabilities, depth of experience and diverse base product range, new development risks are minimized and quite manageable thereby minimizing the time and financial risk to our customers.

Regardless of your location or industry, if a specific problem has to be solved in the space, terrestrial or earth related sciences, please we consider us for use as a full solution provider.

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