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About Bot Engineering

For over 40 years, Bot Engineering has been providing innovative, reliable and cost effective solutions for mission critical industries including Nuclear, Petrochemical, transportation, security and military. Our in house expertise and capabilities rival those found in many national laboratories and include a wide range of applied sciences. This broad scope and ability is reflected in the technologically diverse range of products and solutions produced by us. Our past history shows a clear record of highly successful and well regarded deployments of systems and equipment which encompass a wide technological spectrum ranging from IT, Space and terrestrial wireless communications as well as Nuclear, Electrical, Computer and Chemical sciences.

Our Strategic Approach to Design Manufacturing and Support

Our company strives to develop, manufacture and ensure long term support of innovative reliable systems and equipment. Longterm Customer satisfaction is the goal.
With our in house vertically integrated capabilities, depth of experience and diverse base product range, new development risks are minimized and quite manageable thereby minimizing the time and financial risk to our customers. Long term support is always provided.

News and Announcements

News & Update

Bot Engineering announces the deployment and commercial availability a drop in replacement for aging Eberline RMS2 Fixed location gamma monitors. This...

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Bot Engineering announces the deployment and commercial availability of its ultra-high rad tolerant tissue-equivalent gamma detector line. These all i...

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Bot Engineering announces installation and final commissioning of its 100th stack monitor system. This installation continues a long line of worldwide...

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Working since 1980

A World Leader in
Nuclear Safeguards, Radiation Detection,
Instrumentation & Control and Effluent/Stack Monitoring